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Superintendent of Schools

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February 2019

Dear Students, Families, Staff and Community,

I hope that you are having a wonderful school year!  You will see many great stories about things that are happening at Brooklyn Elementary and Brooklyn Middle Schools on their home pages.  

I use "Superintendent Buell's Blog" to share observations and celebrations!  There is so much to celebrate and so many students, staff and community members to thank and highlight!  I hope that you take the time to look at the blog!  If you have something that you think should be highlighted, please let me know!  I sometimes have more ideas can celebrations than time, but I do try to get a wide selection of topics on the blog!  

If you are looking for "announcements" they can be found on the announcements tab.  This tab will include school cancellations or delays as well as the budget documents that are currently in progress. Please feel free to send me emails with questions about the budget process and priorities for the 2019-20 school year!  You can email me at . I am keeping a running list of questions and answers.   You can also call me at (860) 774-9732 extension 1.  

As they year continues to fly by, I hope that your children are excited and enjoying school!  If you are a parent or community member who has not visited this page yet or don't know a lot about the Brooklyn Public Schools, you have a treat in store!  There are many wonderful things about the Brooklyn Public Schools!  If you are a parent of a young child who will be coming to school soon, congratulations, this is a wonderful community and school district!  


Patricia L. Buell